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Thriving: Final Two Weeks of CDMX

I started up Spanish classes again! I enrolled at Frida Spanish School in Colonia Roma and my first impression was mixed. The classrooms were very separated and my class in particular was large. Going from 4 students in my class at my last school to 12 here was a big difference. The teacher was actually really great though and a couple people switch to … Read More Thriving: Final Two Weeks of CDMX


Hitting CDMX Running

As I am coming up on one week in Ciudad de Mexico, this post is going to be pretty long. I came into this city with a “why not” mentality and it has been a great decision. My first week did not disappoint and Sunday (Yesterday) I made the executive decision to not do ANYTHING today because I needed to recuperate. What did I … Read More Hitting CDMX Running


Picking Place: Ciudad de México, México

A huge part of traveling to Mexico for me is to get better at speaking Spanish. I knew that 3 weeks in Guadalajara was not going to be enough to get a good hold on Spanish so I chose to go to Ciudad de México for more Spanish immersion. Why did I pick Ciudad de México,specifically? Well it is a huge city – the … Read More Picking Place: Ciudad de México, México