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Picking Places: O’ahu, Hawaii

When I was first planning this trip, a lot of different factors influenced why I chose each place. For me, O’ahu was going to be a test run. I was looking into grad school at University of Hawaii Manoa, one of my close friends from college lived there, I still had the conveniences of the US dollar and I wouldn’t have to worry about … Read More Picking Places: O’ahu, Hawaii


And So It Begins: Travel Adventure 2019

Let me tell you, there is something magical about being on an island. I love it, and I always have. Knowing that I am surrounded by the beautiful ocean and everything magnificent that it’s home to….it’s a feeling that is hard to beat. At least for me. I boarded my flight on the afternoon of December 30th and boy, was I pumped. This trip … Read More And So It Begins: Travel Adventure 2019